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BirdStrikeUSA.com develops strategic partnerships with global corporate and nonprofit leaders in the area of bird control and environmental wildlife management. The scope of our corporate partnerships includes a large number of valuable businesses that faithfully contribute to the overall safety of airports, birds and people.

Our relationships with wildlife experts, environmental specialist and airports are vital in accomplishing our mission and strategic goal of being the preeminent provider of professional Bird Strike prevention throughout the United States and North America.

Characteristics of our Strategic Corporate Partner Program:

  • Because of the profile and nature of our business, the program is, and will remain, comprised of a very select group of corporate entities directly related to the field of Bird Strike and Bird Strike Prevention.
  • Our partners are committed to supporting the protection of airplanes, airports, humans and the bird species and the mission of the most diverse, national, professional bird strike prevention entity in North America.
  • BirdStrikeUSA.com represents local, state, federal, military, and national bird control experts, who work together to ensure the safety of both humans and animals.
  • If desired our Strategic Corporate Partners receive widespread national recognition for their critical support of the BirdStrikeUSA.com and its mission.

If after reviewing the information that follows you are interested in discussing the possibility of a partnership with the Association, please contact our Executive Office at 1-888-681-6266 for more details.


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