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With worldwide air traffic increasing annually at an exponential rate BirdStrikeUSA knew that a higher level of public and corporate awareness was needed to ensure continued air safety and reduce the number of bird strikes across the United States.  Not only is a bird stike a concern for the safety of the public and air traffic but also to those birds that require protection under the wildlife conservation act (and the bird conservation act, migratory bird conservation act, EPA bird conservation).

In looking at a bird strike statistics show that greater than ninety percent of all bird strikes occur at low altitudes surrounding airports and air fields.  BirdStrikeUSA and our professional team of bird control experts engage in ethical bird dispersal programs aimed at frightening birds and deterring them from encroaching on incoming flight paths.

BirdStrike.com provides competent, experienced and dedicated bird risk management strategies.  Our policies and design are structured in that they may be applied across the United States to service both major airports and small airfields alike.  We work hand in hand with local, state and federal agencies to ensure professional bird management procedures and policies are followed every time.

The services provided by BirdStirkeUSA.com include (but are not limited to) BirdstrikeUSA.com services include exhaustive bird  risk mitigation assessment, bird control strategic audits, staff training, and a range of management services and products adaptable to any national or international location, that ensure the ongoing effectiveness of a bird strike risk management plan.

BirdstrikeUSA.com's Mission

Mitigating bird and wildlife safety and averting potentially fatal bird strike risks through:

* Critical analysis of existing policy

* Cost effective solutions

* Achieving clients’ objectives and targets by supplying advice, training, products and research.

BirdStikeUSA.com - Our Vision

To continue to be the foremost experts, educators, trainers, advisors and suppliers of equipment for bird and wildlife risk mitigation throughout the United States.

Our Core Values

* Excellent staff, exceptional service, sound science

* Professional relationships will all clients and government agencies

* Safer skies for (people and birds)

* Sustainability of the earth and its life.


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