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BirdStrikeUSA.com is not simply another Bird Control company. While we are fully qualified to perform most any bird control service (deterrents, aversion, netting) our goal is to provide airports across the United States with a bird strike network. Working in partnership with federal, state and local regulatory offices we at BirdStrikeUSA.com provide everything from consultation to implementation and ultimately the safety of both humans and wildlife.

As air traffic increases across North America (and around the globe) a bird strike can happen in the blink of an eye. That’s why obtaining timely, accurate bird strike information is absolutely essential and, in our business, can make a difference between success or failure. Airport and Airport Authorities across the United States are learning to become more pro-active and less re-active to the pre-existing bird and wildlife hazard conditions that they now face. A wait and see, do nothing approach today will expose those airports and airport operators to exponential liability and increased insurance costs in the long run.

Working hand in hand with our airport friends and partners we believe we have the right cost effective products and services at the right time. Delivering those products and services to all in a manner that is both economically cost effective for all airports no matter how big or small, civil or military, and that reduces airport operator liability is what we are all about.

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